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Wah! My sock basket went mouldy!

The subject says it all really.

I spent the morning writing lesson plans for the digital photography courses that start in a week or so. After lunch the torrential downpour had ceased, but it wasn't until about 5.00 pm that I finally pried myself away from the computer to go for a walk. G was having a nap so I couldn't get at my sock drawer. Not to worry, I thought, there will be some socks in the sock basket.

There were, but one of them felt a bit damp. Strange, I thought, why should it be damp? I never put wet socks in there.

It was then that I realised that the basket itself felt clammy to the touch. I pulled it out from the shelf and ew! ew! it was covered in a soft fur of mildew. Aaaarrrgh!

The natural fibre that the basket is made of must have been absorbing the copious moisture that's hanging around in the air at the moment. Anyway it's now been thoroughly brushed, inside and out, and wiped with SquirtEco and it's sitting over the radiator to dry out thoroughly.

The problem is, although it's incredibly wet at the moment, it's not actually cold enough to need the heating on very much, so everything is just getting damper and damper. :(

Fortunately the socks were OK, so I did get my walk, just a little delayed.

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