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I'm back!

Just checking in to say I'm safely back from Prague. I arrived home about 30 mins ago, have had a shower and am quickly checking email before having an early night.

Prague was every bit as interesting as everyone told me it was and we had a lovely time. More detail of What I Did On My Holiday, along with pictures will be posted during the week. We were very fortunate with the weather and both Saturday and Sunday were bright and sunny. It did my SAD no end of good to have a couple of days of lovely sunny weather, even if I am now a bit pink because I didn't think to take sunscreen!

Journey was fine both ways and the transport system in Prague is efficient, frequent and quite easy to master. At least the Metro was and also the bus to/from the airport.

I'm just going to download the photos and then off to bed. Hope to post pictures over the next few days.
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