Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Still in limbo

We have had a summary of our qualifications, experience and teaching expertise from the management this morning. Also the date for a meeting early next week in which we will finally get to know their provisional choices for redundancy.

The frustrating thing as far as I'm concerned (now I've decided I want to leave) is that I'm starting off classes that it's unlikely I'll be able to finish. :(

Students hate changing tutor mid-course. It doesn't matter which tutor they start with or which they change to, they're are a bit like ducklings and will imprint on their tutor and their teaching methods. I just feel like I'm being made to set up colleagues for failure.

Oh, well. With luck, before too long, I'll be a lady of leisure -- and I'll be able to write!

I'm determined to take several months to regroup, decide what I do next and whether I need to re-train etc. And during that time, I'm going to write like mad and try and finish some short stories and perhaps another novel. Of course things never work out like you plan, but at least I'll be able to move forwards instead of simply treading water.

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