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Enjoy the nice weather when you can!

It was nice to get out into the garden with the camera this morning. I'm still very much feeling my way with the new DSLR, which I find far less forgiving than the Canon PowerShot. But I'm getting there slowly. :)

The weather has been gorgeous today, much better than the "summer" we had. It was nice to take a moment or two to relax after the last few weird and stressful weeks.

The redundancy process grinds slowly on. The problem is that even if I'm happy to go, my colleagues are most definitely not and everyone's terribly stressed as we wait to hear who they want to keep and who will be let go. I've found it very tiring being around so many deeply worried people.

I'm still sticking by my decision to leave. The long days and late nights due to teaching evening classes were starting to leave me exhausted at the end of the week. Not to mention the cost of the long commute now the diesel prices have gone up so much! I am, however, not quite old enough to retire and still have 5.5 years to go before I can claim my pension, but I have some thoughts about possible jobs/earning opportunities that I could do part time. For the moment though, I plan to catch up on all the overdue work that needs doing on the house. I'm certainly not going to be bored. I have the camera to get to grips with and my creative writing course starts today!

Unfortunately, I haven't written anything due to spending a large part of the day:

- emptying all the pop-bottle tomato pots[*]
- washing out the pop-bottle tomato pots
- burning a pile of cardboard boxes
- collecting G's Daihatsu from the garage. It is now legal again!
- washing the conservatory windows that had been behind the tomatoes
- washing the outside of the windows, at least down at the bottom where I could reach.

A chicken is now roasting in the oven and I thus have just a few minutes to finish off what I'm doing on the computer before I prepare the rest of dinner.

Meanwhile, have a honeysuckle flower, photographed this morning, bathed in autumn sunshine in the back garden.

Honeysuckle in morning sunshine

Himalayan Balsam leaf

Himalayan Balsam leaf

Himalayan Balsam seed pods

Himalayan Balsam seed pods which *pop* and hurl seeds everywhere. The damn things are far too efficient at propagating.

Morning sunshine

Some sort of feathery white flower in the morning sunshine.

[*] Yes, the tomatoes are no more. The conservatory was starting to get noticeably damp and the tomato plants were starting to sag and wilt. I cut them all down last weekend, salvaging all the little green tomatoes I could find. These are now ripening in a bowl on the fridge, covered in paper towel.
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