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Not too late to join!

Just a quick plug for novel_in_90. If you've ever been tempted to do NaNoWriMo but just knew that you'd never manage 1750 words per day, this might be the challenge for you.

The purpose of this community is to help the members complete a novel-length manuscript in a reasonable time, under real-life conditions. It doesn't matter if you work on a project you've already started. It doesn't matter if you start something new.

The goal is, every day for 90 days, you write three manuscript pages of your work in progress. 750 words. A reasonable rate of progress for a professional writer.

A new round started on 1 October, but people now seem to join as and when they can and do the 90 days from whenever they start. Everyone is very supportive. If you're working on a novel and feeling in need of encouragement, why not give it a try?

Group not guaranteed to suit everyone. Mocking now optional. Terms and conditions can be adjusted to suit individual circumstances.

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