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Keeping an eagle eye on money

What I want to know is, in this electronic age, where does money go when it's between accounts?

I paid my credit card bill by Internet banking on the evening of 2/10/08. The money left our account right away and checking this morning, it shows as a debit on our current account transactions. But checking the credit card statement online, the money hasn't arrived there yet. I do hope I didn't make a mistake when I set up the new payment details. They do say to allow 4 working days for the money to make it's way from one account to another and I've left plenty of time before the payment date, but where is my money now and why does it take so long to trundle from one bank to another in these days of electronic transfers? Things aren't significantly faster than in the olden days when pieces of paper had to physically move about the world with numbers written on them. I suspect that banks somehow use these monies that are in transit for their own purposes. I mean my 280 UK pounds has to be somewhere.

Actually, I am not best pleased that I had the hassle of a new credit card account, to be honest. I've had 1 card with the same company for many years, but this summer the card company was taken over by another bank and for some reason, that meant a new card, new account number, new PIN and all the hassle of remembering to change the card details with everyone who holds them, such as Amazon.

And while I'm being grumpy, I'll just insert a little moan here that our copy of the Radio Times didn't arrive this week. For years I've had it on order at our local newsagents, but I didn't always manage to pick it up on time and it would be half way through the week before we actually got it. Finally deciding that reading about programmes we'd missed was a bit silly, I took up the offer of a subscription, which also gave me a few issues free. After arriving like clockwork for a couple of months, this week, we haven't had our copy. I will have to email them to enquire what's happened.

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