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Writing progress - Novel in 90

Story Title: Dark Mind Waking
Words written today: 962
Words now in Chapter 4: 4459
Words total: 19,968
Reason for stopping: Done enough for today. Need to let the writing batteries recharge.
Mean things done to characters: Kai has had another vision of the god he doesn't believe in. :)

I actually wrote today's words at work. I've almost cleared my desk of the bit and pieces left over from last academic year and with only one class to teach, I don't have any new work to do.

I went in today, even though Monday is normally a non-working day for me because everyone thought that we'd be put out of our misery today re the redundancies. However it got to 5:00 pm and we still hadn't heard, so I'll have to do in again tomorrow and repeat the process.

I know that I know I'm going, but I'm anxious for my colleagues and also want to know who can take over my photography class when I finish.

Perhaps we'll hear tomorrow?
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