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Perhaps I'm just a paranoid crazy person?

I don't know whether other people do this or not. I think I picked the habit up from my mum initially, but I have this thing about being careful about the order in which I do my shopping. It comes from a fear of being accused of having shoplifted something I had bought legitimately in the previous shop and it results in me having to plan my shopping route so as to avoid having anything in my bag that a shop further along the route also sells. Yes, I know I could no doubt prove that the goods came from the other shop, but I have an irrational fear of there being an awkward scene as I try to explain this.

Anyway today I:
1) dropped my prescription renewal off in the chemists and bought magnesium tablets with the points on my Boots card
2) went to buy balsamic vinegar, Barleycup and a packet of dried yeast in the delicatessen
3) popped into the Spar for 2 pints of milk
4) collected the local paper from the newsagents
5) bought some apples and a pomegranate from the small greengrocers.

Today was fairly flexible as Boots don't sell anything that I bought from anywhere else (but I did that first so I didn't forget) and the only items that needed considering were the milk (also sold by the delicatessen) and the local paper (also sold by Spar). Actually, thinking about it now, I broke my own rule by buying the apples on a sudden whim just before I headed for home but I didn't go to the back of the greengrocers where the fridge is and thus didn't go anywhere near the milk, so that was OK.

Other shopping expeditions can get more complicated...

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