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Caernarfon Castle tour

This arose from an idea by sartorias which she posted about a few months ago. I uploaded about half the photos I took of Caernarfon Castle but hadn't got around to tweaking and uploading the rest.

Prompted by something zeborahnz said about castle windows in a reply on rasfc, I felt the urge to complete the task I'd started so long ago.

So here it is, the Caernarfon Castle tour. They're not great shots, just snapshots really. The castle was very crowded and to do a proper job I'd have needed a) more time and b) the tripod. But if anyone's writing a story involving a castle, they might just be useful as I've tried to take some interior shots of the kind that might not be so easy to find on the net. (Though there is this good site about Welsh castles.)

NB Icon show a different castle, namely Harlech.

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