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Weather changeable

The day started glorious with deep blue sky and a scattering of fluffy white clouds. I did a load of washing and rushed it out to dry in the back garden.

Fine autumn morning

As I hadn't posted a photo yet for the Flickr group 52 Weeks about U, I tried some more arty shots too. We're beginning to get the autumn colour. A few crisp dry days would bring it out gloriously. Unfortunately, after lunch it started drizzling and by tea time it was tipping it down with rain. I abandoned the idea of a walk and didn't even scuttle to the shop. Instead I managed to concoct a pretty decent meal from the left over pieces of cold roast chicken, the last two potatoes, some veg that was lurking in the bottom of the fridge, gravy made from an onion and the last tomotoes that were too squishy to eat raw and a chocolate cake/pudding whipped up from scratch because we didn't have any cake or pie left.

Seed heads

Autumn leaf
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