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Last week and the weekend

(Actually written yesterday, i.e. Monday, but not posted.)

I completed the last week of term feeling as though I was running on flat batteries. I wasn't ill, but I just felt tired tired tired. Anyway, I staggered to the end of the week and all classes went OK, despite the best efforts of the college technicians who kept putting my teaching rooms out of action in order to wipe and re-install everything on the computers. Well, they did it twice. The first time the class and I had to share with another class and the second time we just moved next door as the class that should have been in there had decided to finish early for Christmas shopping, so I coped, but I could have done without the hassle.

On Friday we had a very nice departmental end of term lunch in the Anchor pub in Ruthin. The food wasn't bad, but there wasn't a veggie choice, just a veggie "take it or leave it" option, which I didn't fancy. So I opted for salmon, which was nice.

Although I wouldn't say that I have all that much in common with my fellow tutors, they're all friendly and we had a good laugh. The official college Christmas do was the Friday night, but even if our daughter hadn't been arriving for the weekend, I wouldn't have stayed for an evening event at this time of year. Driving home alone late at night is no fun in the winter.

Saturday morning I did my Christmas letters and wrote and posted the last of the cards. Then, in the afternoon, daughter and I went for a walk that turned out a little longer than planned. It was good to have a chance to talk though, without her rushing round doing wedding planning things. On Sunday, she left at midday so as to be back home in Cardiff before the forecast snow fell. At this point, I began to feel distinctly wobbly and have continued to feel wobbly all day today. I have a slight dull headache and feel cold and shivery, even though I'm wearing three layers of clothing and the room is snug and warm.

This morning, when I got up, there was a strange, pinkish cast to the light and, peering out of the window, I saw that we had a faint powdering of snow. More fell during the morning, but it then turned to rain and all the snow vanished.

Despite wobbliness, I forced myself out into the raw cold weather to shop. I also filled up the car with diesel. So, if the worst comes to the worst and I'm struck down by the evil 'flu that's been decimating my students, we'll have sufficient food for Christmas and we'll be able to travel. If I'm still on my feet tomorrow, I'll go out again and pick up some more fresh veggies and some cream for the Christmas pud.

I still have most of my presents to wrap. I did daughter's and her husband's and Theo the Rottweiler's for her to take back, but I need to do the rest. I'm not sure when I'll do G's as he's not been going out much. At the moment, it's still sitting in my car, covered by my coat.

Since daughter's visit, I also now have some incoming presents. Mine is a most mysterious parcel 18½" x 11½" x 15½". As I was told most strictly not to drop it, it must be fragile. Another incoming present from our son will arrive with him, but I know what that is as I asked for it. In order to play both the incoming present from son and the DVD I've bought myself (The Two Towers extended edition), I have purchased a cheap DVD player to put on the upstairs telly. G is doing lots of work on his computer at the moment, so access to the main telly is unreliable and I foresaw lots of frustration as I had time off and DVDs and nothing to play them on.

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