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The Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross furore

Apologies to my US readers who probably are probably too embroiled in election coverage to have any idea about the latest UK media fuss, but for my views on the Brand/Ross "comic" stunt re the prank phone to Andrew Sachs, you may as well read poliphilo's post here because he's set out my views clearly and concisely.

I admire Brand for doing the decent thing and resigning. Personally I thought a sincere and contrite apology would have sufficed, but he's decided to go. Ross, on the other hand, has sunk even lower in my opinion because of his determination to hang on and the lack of an immediate apology.

I have to say that I do like Brand when he's riffing in a surreal and whimsical way. I don't watch his show on TV or listen to Radio 2, but he was very funny recently on the Chris Moyles show. I have never liked Jonathan Ross though. He's smug and his "humour" on his TV chat show relies overmuch on sexual innuendo. Well, it's beyond innuendo! The show is about him more than his guests and he's certainly not worth all that money as far as I'm concerned.

These big stars always seem to slip into thinking that they're untouchable and that anything they do is wonderful.

I wonder if it's because we can no longer make jokes about national stereotypes? Deprived of their previous prey, has "comedy" degenerated to the point where all the comedians can do is be nasty to celebrities in the name of being "edgy"?

Oh, and far from being "edgy", I think Little Britain is long past it's sell-by date. It's become embarrassing to watch them repeat the same tired old jokes week after week. Two naked jocks larking about in the locker room might have an element of humour and shock value once, but time and time again? Purleeeease... (Ditto lady and dog.)

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