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Whew! The car is now legal again

The reason for the attack on the in-tray was that I suddenly remembered that I hadn't bought a new tax disc for my car. Ooops! As it has been sitting in the car park in front of our garage for more than a week, it had completely slipped my mind that the road tax expired on 30 October.

I than had panicky thoughts about what other things might be lurking in the depths of the in-tray. Fortunately there wasn't anything else that was overdue, but I have been filing and dealing with stuff all afternoon. I was delighted to discover that there was nothing to pay on the credit card this month (the books that arrived the other day were bought with a gift token) and I also found two cheques that I hadn't got round to banking.

I need to get my Next Action and Will Do lists running again. Since work dried up a few weeks ago while I was waiting for my finish date, I wasn't starting or continuing any projects, just tidying up loose ends and responding to anything that needed doing there and then, thus the list system lapsed. But now I need to reinstate it as I get my own projects and job search underway.

This week feels more positive than last. G seems to be able to change direction from project to project as nimbly as this cutting horse (link courtesy of coneycat), but I seem to manoeuvre like a four-masted sailing ship -- and they don't turn on a dime. Last week, finishing work meant that the wind had suddenly changed direction and I was left with my sails flapping, wallowing in the water. However, today I think I've managed to re-set the sails and I'm picking up speed on a new course.

And having pushed that metaphor further than was probably wise, I'll thankfully drop it!

Anyway, I have Welsh class and signing on at the Job Centre tomorrow, also I might chauffeur G up to a class he's teaching in Pwllheli in the evening. Then on Thursday I have an interview with the Careers people to see about where to go next and hopefully get funding for the BA Education degree. So I'm not going to be bored, I just wish I could stop feeling twitchy because I don't have a routine.

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