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Today I...

...went to my Welsh class this morning. Amongst other activities we recorded a conversation about a photo I had brought in. When it's up on the web site I will see if I can post a link. Then you can all hear me speaking Welsh!

This new group I've joined is great. We have a "paned" (cuppa) when we arrive and another tea break in the middle of the lesson and we have chocolate biscuits! But we try to chat in Welsh, which is excellent practice. Our tutor is using us as guinea pigs for her new bridging course which will attempt to get us to cross that gap between being experience learners and actual users of the language out in the community.

Drove straight home after the class because after lunch I had to go to the Job Centre to sign on and show them what efforts I've made to find work this week.

This evening G went to Pwllheli to teach a class. He had suggested I go along, but then he changed his mind because he thought it might be more pleasant to come in to find his dinner waiting for him rather than both of us return to a cold house and have to start cooking.

So while he was out, I had chance to play with the camera.

I didn't think I'd have the opportunity of snapping fireworks as I wasn't going to the organised display. However, our neighbours let off a few in their back garden, so I sat on the back step and attempted to photograph them.


So, while we in the UK celebrate a failed attempt to blow up our Houses of Parliament, over in the US, people are celebrating the results of their presidential election.

I do think the best man won, but McCain's concession speech was very gracious. Of course election results can never please everybody, but Obama's victory does seem to have engendered a bit of hope, which we sorely need at a time of recession, not to mention being embroiled in two unwinnable wars. He's got a hell of a job in front of him. I wish him luck!

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