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Wibbling about the WIPs

I had my Welsh class this morning, which was fun. This afternoon I caught up with rasfc and LJ and then went for a brisk walk and had a good Think about the novels I'm supposed to be writing. By about a quarter of the way round the walk, it was clear that I need to go right back to chapter 1 with both the WIPs.

Yes, I know it sounds dangerously like the Endless Revision Loop, but trying to write the Mad God Novel with an almost non-existent setting isn't working. I need to go back to the beginning and world build as I write. My idea of doing a Chinese-ish setting isn't working because a) I haven't been to China and more importantly (because I could always research it) and b) since I had the idea of using an eastern setting (about 10 years ago), lots and lots of books have come out since using that very thing. In addition to moving it back to a European-ish setting, I think I'll have a try at shifting it into first person and let the two other characters have scenes. I can always cut them out if they don't work, but writing something would be better than writing nothing.

Also I finally had to admit that my decision last year to separate the Siamese Twin of a novel has resulted in the death of the other half. I need something as an exciting opening and nothing new has come along. During the walk and the Think, I decided that I can put the caretaker's death back, but Bethany mustn't realise that she's killed him. Basically, there was nothing wrong with the original idea that writing it properly wouldn't solve! :) It's all a question of balance and I'd allowed that part to get unbalanced and thus Bethany wasn't in the right state of mind for the next scenes.

I will see if I can make some progress tomorrow morning in the form of some actual words.
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