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I suppose Slow Blogging is like Slow Food?

Via coneycat. Slow Blogging.

Slow Blogging is a willingness to remain silent amid the daily outrages and ecstasies that fill nothing more than single moments in time, switching between banality, crushing heartbreak and end-of-the-world psychotic glee in the mere space between headlines. The thing you wished you said in the moment last week can be said next month, or next year, and you'll only look all the smarter.

*Womanfully tries to resist temptation to describe Slow Blogging as a load of pretentious crap*


More seriously. I suppose they have a point, but there will be no Slow Blogging here, nor Fast Blogging either. I have no ambition to climb the pageranks of Google. (You know, I didn't even know that was possible!)

Instead I will continue to witter away at whatever catches my fancy, even if that's mostly trivial domestic stuff. And writing reports. And photos.

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