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Not fair! I thought of it first!

I was going to call the FE[*] college in the W that is back IP again Glyndŵr College (Coleg Glyndŵr in Welsh). I have a note of this name made some time last year. Unfortunately, as of just a few months ago, there is now a real Glyndwr University. :(

I'm using Glendower College as a place-holder, but I probably need another name to avoid confusion with the real place.

But progress has been made. The Mad God novel was still sulking, despite being poked and encouraged, so I went back to the Magic FE college novel. I'm busy compiling one reasonable first draft out of the two false starts.

Progress: 837 words yesterday, 791 words today.

Also I drew a sketch map. :)

[*] Further Education, ie post-compulsory education, usually vocational for students 16+ years of age.
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