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The geography of Africa

I know remarkably little about the geography of Africa, as indicated by the fact that I can never remember that Mauritania is in fact in Africa. My brain is convinced that it ought to be nestling somewhere between Poland and the Czech Republic.

What do you mean, that was Ruritania? :)

But anyway, this is something different.

brownnicky was talking about how much teachers have to know -- or do they? It was ages ago that G and I realised that the real mark of a good teacher is not necessarily how much they know, but how good they are at learning stuff. You don't need to know all that much more than your students, you just have to be able to thoroughly assimilate the material faster than they do. :)

G and I call this last minute mugging up so as to be just being one week ahead of the students Teaching the Geography of Africa

This is because in G's very first teaching job, where he was supposed to be the physics teacher, he noticed that he was timetabled to teach the geography of Africa to year 3Z. He went to the headmaster to query this and said, "But I don't know anything about the geography of Africa," the head just leant forwards, steepled his hand on the the desk and said, "Neither do they. Neither do they."

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