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Eowyn Challenge -- progress

Walking to Lothlorien

Miles travelled yesterday: 3
Miles travelled today: 5
Miles travelled so far: 191 (649 from Bag End)
Miles still to go: 271
Percentage complete: 41%

Point reached on journey: Walking through the rolling lands, camping by day and travelling by night.

Where I really went...

Yesterday I just did one of my regular local walks. The weather was unexpectedly sunny, so I took a few photos.

Old Barn

I quite liked this shot. I'm vaguely thinking of doing the Royal Photographic Society's LRPS qualification and this was taken with a view to including in the panel of 10 photos. I probably need slightly more interesting light, but otherwise I like the shot.

Asymmetrical tree

I took this lopsided tree for a competition thread on Flickr with the topic Asymmetry.

Bridge at Llanelltyd

I keep taking photos of this bridge. I think I've done better shots of it.

Gold leaf

Red leaf

The light was particularly gorgeous on the leaves as I headed for Llanelltyd.

Evening calm

Evening light and grazing sheep.

I will post about today's walk tomorrow because I'm tired and I want to go and slump in front of the TV for the evening, but as teaser, I'll just say that I visited Castle of Carbonec, or at least it is the mostly likely contender for the honour of being the Grail castle. There may be photos, but don't hold your breath, the weather wasn't good.
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