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Why is it that some nights there's nothing on TV then 3 decent programmes all come along together?

You have to bear in mind that we don't have satellite or cable, it's not worth paying for more channels when on many nights in the week, we don't even watch the four we do have. Even at the moment, while I'm not teaching evening classes, I still tend to watch stuff I've missed via the BBC's iPlayer rather than watch TV live.

So on Saturday night, there was nothing on we wanted to watch, but last night there were three potentially watchable programmes[*] -- even if it did seem to be National Stereotype Night.

On BBC1 we had the first episode of Wallander: death and angst set against the bleak Swedish landscape. On BBC2 we had Louis Theroux being the quiet, inoffensive and slightly baffled Englishman out on the dangerous streets of Philadelphia with the police. And on S4C (the Welsh channel), we had the heady mix of sex and choral music with Con Passionate, the tale of the South Wales male voice choir with the desirable Davina as their conductor.

All of those would have been worth watching, despite the Wallander being described as dismal by some reviewers, but we went with the Welsh programme as being the most fun. We were not disappointed.

[*]I am not counting ITV1's I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here as watchable. It contains cruelty to invertebrates and vomiting, so not on my list of enjoyable programmes at all. :)

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