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On a cold and frosty evening

I keep thinking of interesting things to write about, but don't seem to be able to get my act together to actually write them. We will see if I do any better tomorrow.

Today I have:

  • punched holes in and filed the huge pile of handouts I have received so far from the BA Education course.

  • found the piece of paper with the details of the assignment for G's course

  • read an article on adult literacy (my dissertation is going to be something to do with literacy, exactly what I haven't decided yet.)

  • walked into town to collect the local paper and my blood pressure medication and some food for lunch (a carton of lobscows for G and some bread and mince pies)

  • also bought two sweaters for the princely total of £12 UK pounds

  • wasted spent half an hour playing these Flash games, courtesy of matociquala: Boomshine and Auditorium

  • critiqued the opening of a short story posted by one of my fellow students on the creative writing tutor group

  • put frost sheet over the car

  • went for a short walk and took a few pictures of doubtful quality

  • finished reading my LJ friendlist

It's not been what I'd call a productive day. On the other hand, I did exercise, which is the most important thing because I have finally started to lose weight. I don't know how much, I will perhaps weigh self tomorrow, but I can tighten the belt by two more holes now, so I must be thinner. :)

Off now to cook something for dinner.

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