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Nostalgia rules OK

green_knight mentioned that LiveJournal are having a sale of Permanent Accounts. I pondered the pros and cons of buying one of these, but I would need to keep using LJ for seven years to break even and who knows what will happen in a couple of years time? I read somewhere that computer years are like dog years, namely 1 normal year is equivalent to 7 computer/Net years. So we're talking about 49 years time in computer terms. Also the UK pound/dollar rate sucks at the moment, so I decided to pass on the offer.

Instead, prompted by the sad news that Oliver Postgate has just died and reminded of some of his lovely children's TV programmes, I have indulged in a DVD of The Pogles and Pogles Wood. (And how can you resist buying from a publisher/shop called the Dragons' Friendly Society? *g*)

Ostensibly this is for the granddaughter, but I will need to watch them first, naturally, particularly as she's really too young for them yet. So I will just look after them for a while, until she's old enough to appreciate them. :)

Speaking of nostalgia...

Finally, after a long wait, the Man from U.N.C.L.E. DVDs of the whole thing are available via Amazon UK.

*Does joyful dance!*

I will be able to see the first season which I have not seen since it first aired in the UK in the mid-60s

There is the little matter of the DVDs being the wrong region, but I'm sure one of my DVD players/computers can be persuaded to believe it's in the US.

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