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What happened to our fighting spirit?

Is this logo helpful?

The BBC's

Really? I don't think so.

It's the BBC's "Downturn" logo. It graces the corner of the TV screen during the news. How does something like that help us to keep cheerful so we can do our best to cope? A big red arrow plummeting downwards and sinking into the ground? Do we really need beating over the head with the fact that the financial world has gone all wobbly and caused problems for the rest of us? We know that. What we need are some positive suggestions as to how to get out of the mess.

Where would we be now if we'd panicked like this during the last war?

Oh, and while I'm moaning about the media, please can we have some consistency? Not so long ago, back in the summer there were cries of, "Woe! We're all doomed! It doesn't matter what we do to combat global warming because the Chinese are opening a new factory and a new power station every week."

And what are we getting now?

"Woe! We're all doomed! The Chinese are closing all the factories and we're heading for a world recession!"

Surely there's some good news to be had? Won't we be more likely to meet our CO2 emission targets if we all cut back a bit on buying unnecessary consumer goods?

And there has to be a better answer to the financial problems than, "We must all rush out to the shops and spend like mad!" surely? How on earth did we get to the point where the country's economy depends on importing a load of cheap goods from China and selling it to one another?

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