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A quiet Christmas

It's been a quiet but pleasant Christmas day. I got up in a leisurely way and opened my presents over breakfast. I got an automatic bread-maker from daughter and son-in-law. I will have fun playing with this. I have toyed with the idea of buying a bread-maker, but didn't, on the grounds that it would be an indulgence and I can make bread perfectly well by hand. And I do, when I have time and energy, but I haven't made bread for weeks since it got darker and colder and I got tireder at the weekends. So a bread-maker will be good. Other presents were two DVDs from me to me (The Man from U.N.C.L.E films and The Two Towers (extended edition), the DVDs of Sapphire and Steel from my son and a snuggly scarf and gloves from his girlfriend.

G got lots of presents, including a new rat cage from me and a "gift certificate", promising the bearer two rats. (I did find the original. It had got put under the tree with some of the other presents.) We will need to find a pet shop with rats once the shops re-open after Christmas.

We opted for a late Christmas dinner as G wanted to go out and collect data from some of his instruments. While he was out, I watched two episodes of Sapphire and Steel, which is a series I completely missed when it was shown originally as it fell during the 15 year period when we didn't have a telly. It looks fun. Then I cooked dinner (a turkey crown and a lump of beef, plus usual roast potatoes and a selection of veg) followed by a very nice Christmas pudding from our local bakers. We are all full now.

Tomorrow, all being well, we will go up to see my dad. My brother and his wife and children will also be there. So early tomorrow morning, there will be the traditional Wrapping of the Last Presents to take up with us. I never do get round to wrapping them before the very last day.

Finally, my home town in the snow. And no, it doesn't look like this today; the picture was taken on 28 December 2000.


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