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6/365 Frosty moon

Frosty moon
Originally uploaded by Helen in Wales
The moon was at perigee on Saturday night. I didn't really think it was worth trying to get a shot with the telephoto lens because I was sure people with much better equipment would be out there doing a better job than I could.

But this is the moon glimpsed through our neighbour's tree.

PS The rules of the 365 group I've joined don't insist that you post a photo each day. As long as the shot was taken on the correct day, they can be posted in a batch to allow for people being away from the computer, techincal glitches etc. In my case, our son was home on a flying visit to see us. On Saturday I took him up to see my Dad, who is doing well and still very mentally with it. In fact he's started reading philosophy again and has decided that he is a hedonist. :)
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