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Just one more version of Hallelujah

"Haleliwia" yn iaith y nefoedd! (Hallelujah in the language of heaven!)[*]

Further to my post yesterday about different versions of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, I want to do two things. Firstly I must apologise to the lovely Simon Callow for confusing him with the creature known as Simon Cowell, who was the actual perpetrator of the crime against a brilliant song. (Thanks go to poliphilo for spotting that braino!)

Secondly I want to link to a cover with a difference. Haleliwia (that's "Hallelujah" in Welsh, by the way) by Brigyn solves the problem of translating Leonard Cohen's poetry into a different language by avoiding the issue entirely and writing a brand new song set to the same tune.

Now this does make a good Christmas song, albeit a rather sombre one.

(Lyrics and translation are here. A bit about how Cohen OKed the new version is here.)

[*] It is a well-known fact in Wales that Welsh is the language of heaven. *g*

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