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Back after a few days away in London!

We arrived back home this afternoon after a couple of days spent sightseeing in London. We must have walked miles! More (plus photos) over the next few days.

Meanwhile, department of, "I don't believe it!"

1) We were staying in the LSE's hall of residence Passfield Hall just off Tavistock square. Very comfortable, very reasonably priced. First day down to breakfast and we realised that the man and woman sitting at the other end of our table were conversing in Welsh!

My favourite type of tea

2) (Photo project 16/365) My favourite tea is Russian Caravan. I was sad when Jacksons stopped doing it and I could no longer buy it locally. Ambling around Covent Garden yesterday, I spotted a Whittard tea shop and remembered that our son and daughter-in-law had given me a tea assortment last year for Christmas one of which was Russian Caravan. They did indeed stock it and I was happily thinking that I would try and find a store nearer than London so I don't have to wait another 12 months before being able to consume my favourite beverage, only to hear this on the radio as we ate our dinner this evening.


I do hope they manage to keep going. :(

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