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So much to do and my brain has been eaten by a shoggoth!

The mucilaginous Thing that took up residence in my sinuses yesterday prevented any activity more cerebral than watching the last couple of episodes of Merlin (saved to computer from the iPlayer). Other than that, I just managed to drag myself to the postbox to post the last couple of Christmas cards and the cheques for the offspring and grand-offspring's pressies. Dinner was foraged from the freezer, but I didn't have much appetite.

I assaulted the shoggoth throughout the day with sessions of breathing Olbas oil scented steam and this morning the mind is a bit clearer and only the ghost of a headache remains. I have yet to work out how the shoulder pain was linked to the sinus infection, but both seem to be fading together, so I will put that down as another of life's little mysteries.

I don't know how much I will get done today, but I need to make it as far as the Co-op to stock up on food and I really must make some progress with the story for the assignment for the creative writing course (deadline 5 January). I have the beginning and some middle, but could really do with getting a complete draft, however crappy by tomorrow at latest to give me time to revise it.

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