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I finished the first draft of the short story!

This morning, with today being the deadline for the assignment submission*, I took myself firmly in hand, unplugged the network cable to the desktop computer to avoid the distractions of the interwebs and applied myself to finishing the first draft of the story.

It took two and a quarter hours, but it's now a finished through draft. Slight problem is that it's over 1000 words too long!

But that can be dealt with this afternoon. That leaves tomorrow for a final polish and then it will be out of the way. Or I might do the polish this evening, just so I can say I got it in on time.

There is now the reflection to write, but I have some notes and my trusty mind-mapping software, so that won't be a problem.

Of course the story, though finished, now seems stupid and trite, but it's a story and just as they're never as good as I hope, they're never as bad as I fear either, so I should . Of course I hope to do well, but that remains to be seen.

Oh, and then it's poetry next!

* Though actually the tutor has said that as she was going away, we could take a few more days if we wanted.

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