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Assignment is done!!!

I've just read the story aloud, tweaked the few glitches that process revealed and I have now submitted the assignment.


I know we always say that you only learn to write this story, but I need to remember that short stories are messy to write, they don't develop the same flow that a novel does and thus don't respond to word count targets.

I find once a novel gets going it builds up quite a momentum and it's relatively easy to write a thousand words. In this case, with such a small word limit (2200 plus or minus 5%), every word had to count and there was absolutely no room for anything irrelevant, so it wasn't so much written as re-written.

Next is the poetry, but I think I'll also finish the story I began for the first assignment. And then there are some other short story beginnings that are lying around on the hard drive, not to mention the short story for the final assignment. I know that isn't for a while yet, but it would be good to be working up some ideas.

You know, if I hadn't had a deadline, I probably wouldn't have finished this story because once you've got the beginning down, it becomes harder and it's so easy to put it aside to wait for inspiration. But I proved yesterday and today that if I just keep poking at a short story, it will eventually relent and fall into shape. Also you really do need to prune away everything that isn't the main point.

As the tutor is away, it will be a week or so before I get the feedback, but at the moment, it's just good to have a brand new complete story. :)

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