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So far today...

Today I thought I'd better start getting myself geared up to going back to work next Tuesday. So I set the alarm for 7 am, crawled out of bed by about 8 am, made a To Do List for the first time since before Christmas and setting about Getting Things Done.

The list was as follows and shows things done so far today:

Make a white loaf
Write 400+ words of the WIP
1 hour walk
Write 2 database tasks for CLAIT workbook
Do a load of washing
Dry washing in the dryer
Phone Dad
Check classic film for next week
Make mince pies
Sweep and mop kitchen floor
Order baskets for maps and over-door hanging pegs
Do introductory letter to M150 students
Phone 4 students.

The breadmaker is definitely a success. I thought cleaning it would be difficult, but it's really well thought out and results in far less washing up than making bread by hand or by mixing the dough in my Kenwood mixer, which I used to do before it burnt out.

The walk was one of my 1 hour loops. Out towards Llanelltyd and then up the footpath leading past the kennels to the golf course and then back down into town and thence home. Nothing exciting to report. The rain just about held off, but it was grey and occasionally drizzly. The pig rootling around in the muddy field was the most interesting thing spotted.

In fact I didn't actually phone my Dad as he phoned me first, but we wished one another a happy New Year. Checking the classic film also relates to my Dad as (unable to think of a Christmas present) I've promised him a trip out (with lunch). Having suggested seeing a film and being told that there wasn't anything he'd like to see these days, we noticed that the cinema where we saw The Return of the King shows old films one day a week. I'm therefore waiting for something suitable to turn up.

Now to tackle the letters to students...

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