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While I'm waiting for the lasagne to cook...

...I have just a few minutes to post a quick round up of links.

Via mevennen, this film about Morris dancing looks as though it could be fun. It was this quote that caught my eye:

Chaz had written the part of Jean-Baptiste (a whelk fisherman who is shipwrecked on the Dorset coast and dances 'trance' Morris after drinking hallucinogenic cider)

The mind she boggles! :)

And from birdsedge there's this really neat time travel story in the form of forum posts. Very cleverly done.

In other news... Today was my first experiment with listening to the iPod while walking and it was a great success. I listened to a story from PodCastle and another from EscapePod. This is really good because it should now motivate me to actually exercise properly each day instead of just walking into town and back and it will enable me to catch up with the backlog of un-listened-to stories that are building up on my computer.

Initially the shock of being diagnosed with high blood pressure made me very motivated to exercise and I lost a lot of weight. Gradually I've got lazy again and it's sneaked back on. Even though I have more time, the thought of just walking for an hour summons the little voice saying, "But you have so much to do!" Using that time to listen to a story or the Welsh lessons means I won't have that excuse.

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