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56/365 Welsh collie

Welsh collie
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I have got waaaay behind on the photo a day project.

This is from last Sunday when I went out with G and some of his geology students and nearly froze to death! (Only slight exaggeration there.)

We set off towards Waen y Griafolen, the peat bog up in the middle of nowhere, and after less then a mile, my face was numb and my hands were hurting badly from the cold. (Reynaud's syndrome). I thought I'd dressed for the weather, but I hadn't reckoned on the wind, which was very strong, blowing straight from Siberia and going straight through my gloves and trousers.

Feeling stupid, I apologised, said I couldn't cope with the cold and turned back to shelter in the Daihatsu. I felt a little better when not long after, they all returned having decided that it was too dangerous to go higher due to the strength of the wind.

It was so cold, the I couldn't even bring myself to leave the vehicle to take photos, though it was lovely and bright.

Next stop was the forest and though I wouldn't say I warmed up, I was OK there and after a picnic in the woods we walked up to the waterfalls and the old gold mine.

One of the students brought her two dogs, of which this is the black and white one. I has one blue and one brown eye.

Here are the others, still not looking very warm despite being bundled up in thick coats and hats.

What makes you think it's cold?
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