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Progress on today's To Do List

Today's To Do List -- further progress:

  • Check introductory letter to students
  • Enter extra students in database and file info sheets
  • Merge and print letter to OU students
  • Sign letters and put in envelopes
  • Post letters
  • Phone 4 2 students
  • Order basket for maps and over-door hangers
  • Sweep and mop kitchen floor
  • Make mince pies
  • Write 2 database tasks for workbook
  • Go out with G to take photos
  • Write at least 400 words of WIP
  • Buy vitamins and polypockets

No writing today, sadly. Wasted too much time in the afternoon reading and posting to alt.recovery.clutter.

Letters to the OU students all done and only need posting. Also 2 phone calls made, the ones I thought might be most difficult: firstly to a student who's attempted a couple of courses before and failed and secondly to a woman who was in my tutor group last year on another course. That was a kind of "Hi, it's me again. No, I'm not following you around and I don't tutor all the courses in Wales, honest." She wasn't exactly a troublesome student, just one who liked everything just so, and sometimes, of course, it wasn't. She also complained about lack of activity in the on-line conferences, something over which I have no control. However, the call went fine and she seems happy so far.

Despite not having made any for... ooooh I don't know how long, the mince pies were delicious. That's now got rid of the slightly past its use by date mincemeat from the cupboard. I found it the other day, shoved right to the back. When I opened it, the top layer looked a bit crystallised, so I scraped it off, but it was a big jar and underneath it looked and smelled good, so I thought I'd chance it.

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