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One Year Closer to Balance

Via oursin...

I rather liked mrissa's idea of having Friday 13 February as a day dedicated to achieving balance of some sort -- or at least a celebration of working towards balance.

Thankfully our financial balances are healthy, despite my redundancy and being on JSA for a few months. I'm now working, though as it's part-time and short term contracts, I won't have anything like as much income, but it will be sufficient. We can still continue to save for our retirement.

So... The balance I'm seeking at the moment is between sedentary and active. I'm spending too much time being the former and not enough being the latter! In theory, now I work mostly from home, I should be the mistress of my own schedule. In practice, I spend all day on the computer either marking assignments or reading LJ, email, Facebook etc while having a break from marking assignments.

This is not good, especially as I had my routine blood pressure check and it's gone up a bit. :(

So, starting tomorrow -- no, starting tonight! I won't have pizza, I'll have something healthier -- I need to get back on the wagon. Eat better, exercise more, make my own low-salt bread again and generally start to look after myself properly. Let's see if I can lose all the weight that's sneaked back on by achieving more of a balance between activities done whilst sitting down and activities done while walking about.

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