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Why do deadlines have to behave like buses?

I have three deadlines looming next week. (Possibly 4 if you count the Research Methods assignment which I could take longer over, but which I want to get out of the way.) This might account for the rather stressful dream I had last night.

I therefore decided that I need to focus on at least a couple of things today and get them finished in order to take some pressure off.

First success this morning was finishing a poem for the A215 Creative Writing assignment. After being stuck for ages with 1.5 poems, I finally struggled the second one into submission. I now have the two poems[*] required for the TMA03 (ie third assignment).

I still have to let the second poem (a sort of sonnet, ie it has the rhyme scheme, but the metre isn't strict) sit for a bit so I can see whether it needs a final tweak. I also need to write the Reflection, but the most difficult part is done!

[*] The assignment asked for 40 lines of poetry (plus or minus 10%) and I had toyed with the idea of doing another sestina, which proved successful when I did the introductory poetry writing course, but the opinion in the forums was that doing two poems enabled you to show off more poetic techniques than just one, so that's what I've opted for.
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