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Cat 1, plate 0

I think we're starting to settle into a routine, but Aimee still has to be shut in the conservatory while we eat. I keep giving her the chance to behave, but temptation always proves too much and she can't resist the flying leap onto the table, even though it must surely be beginning to dawn on her that that only leads to her temporary eviction.

The other thing she can't resist is the remains of the cold chicken in the fridge. As soon as the fridge door opens, she's there going, "Oh! Wo! Wo!" (which I take it is feline for: "Chicken! Mine! Mine!"). I then have to fend her off with one hand while collecting whatever it was I wanted with the other.

This lunchtime, she was grabbing for the chicken and I was fending her off when she unexpectedly seemed to grow an extra pair of front legs from somewhere. With these extra legs, she grabbed the chicken and dragged it out onto the floor. It landed on the plate, which broke, but I snatched the chicken out of harm's way, so all was well. It was an old plate, an oddment left over from a set we had years ago, so no great loss.

Note to self: Next time, put chicken in fridge on tin plate.
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