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Being over-ambitious again

As usual, I put far too much on my To Do List for today. When will I learn? Progress so far (and I'm off now to cook dinner) so I don't suppose I'll do much more today...

  • Write 2 database tasks for CLAIT workbook
  • Edit short story The Witch's Cat
  • Think of a better title for short story?
  • Post letters to students
  • Phone 6 students
  • Buy vitamins, polypockets, tea and cheese
  • Enter books read into database and put the books away on the shelf
  • 1 hour walk (actually did ½ an hour. Into town and back the long way round.)
  • Sort out a few photos to use for a new Photo of the Week
  • Clean the two saddles that are in the conservatory

The database tasks took longer than I'd hoped as I ended up Googling for names of ski resorts so my data was realistic. Sigh... I also got distracted by looking up other stuff.

Oh, and though I didn't get around to cleaning the saddles, I did make steps to get rid of a couple of books by listing them on Amazon. This is my first attempt at selling stuff over the Internet (though God knows, I've bought enough that way.)

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