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Quick catch up

Aimee has just had a silly ten minutes or so running around in that demented way that cats do. She really did make me LOL. Now she's purring on my lap and I'm having to type one-handed because she's insisting on being stroked under the chin!

Still ploughing through all the stuff I have to do. I managed to finish my two poems for the creative writing assignment and wrote the reflection yesterday. Happily submitted the assignment, only to have an aaarrrgh! moment just now when I realised that I hadn't double-spaced the reflection bit. (Obviously the poems are single spaced, which is why I forgot.) After dithering for a moment, my inner perfectionist overcame my inner sluggard and I re-formatted the offending section and re-submitted.

The creative writing evening class that I teach started again tonight. We were doing creating characters tonight. It's good to have students to talk to. Over half term, I was missing the contact with people. In fact all my classes are on again this week. Tomorrow morning is Welsh and then Thursday evening is the BA Education class, for which I have to give the seminar. Oooh, er!

Must make dinner now before G gets in. I have been taking photos, but no time to process them. Hopefully there wil be photos tomorrow. Having said that, there is the little matter of the 30 or so tiny stories to crit for the OU fiction writing course I tutor. And there is the little matter of the assignment I have to write for G's module on the BA course.
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