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Vertical session

A "vertical session" according to the Get Things Done way of working is when you take an overview of all the projects you have on the go. The idea is that you rise up vertically and look down on everything in order to get a bird's eye view of where exactly you are.

I realised last week that I had slipped back into the habit of just working with a daily To Do List and that the entries on the To Do List were not proper Next Action points but rather vague and all-encompassing things like "Prepare evening class". Ok, that's perhaps just about acceptable because I planned to spend most of the day on it, but because there was to be a mock inspection, "Prepare evening class" actually meant: make sure all class paperwork eg register is up to date; finish off the Scheme of Work that you started the other week; look through the OU course materials and work out exactly which activities regarding creation of characters you think will work with the class, modifying to suit if necessary; find a bunch of photos of people for the activity where students write a little scene based on the people in the picture; write a handout on creating characters; write a lesson plan; print off Scheme of Work, lesson plan and handout; get handouts photocopied, ditto Scheme of Work and lesson plan; make sure everything is in the bag you take to the evening class.

So each of these should have been down as a Next Action point, then I wouldn't have been checking and re-checking to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything. I could have ticked them off as I did them. (And got that nice little buzz when I ticked something off as completed!)

Anyway, as I have lots of deadlines coming up, I have now gone through my To Do List and updated all the categories, adding tasks and sub-tasks and setting some completion dates and priorities.

I now feel very organised. :)
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