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Twitter and Facebook

Because Facebook wants a firstname surname type "real" name and I use my middle name online but my first name with family, I have two Facebook accounts. I have now discovered Twitter.

I didn't "get" Twitter at all at first, but I now think I prefer it to Facebook, which to me has a over-matey, rather frenetic vibe that I don't really like very much. To be honest, I only have the family Facebook because my daughter uses it a fair bit and posts photos of my granddaughter. I then created the Helen facebook when there was the LJ panic recently and I realised that there were lots of people I'd lose touch with if LJ vanished for any reason.

I never hardly updated either of them.

However... Now I have sussed out Twitter, I can post once there and update my status on both Facebook accounts automatically! Success!

I have also worked out how to update Twitter via mobile phone, something I can't do with Facebook because my phone is with the wrong provider.

So, now I might actually be using all these social networking thingies, I thought I'd mention here that on Facebook I'm Helen Hall (my profile photo is the same as this icon and my address is the baradel demon one). On Twitter, I'm mhhall (clever, eh? It doesn't matter which first name you know me by. ) Also using the profile photo as seen in the icon attached to this post.

You know, re-reading that, it strikes me forcibly that it would have seemed like a load of gibberish just a few years ago. How the web communication thing has blossomed!
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