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Aimee has finally forgiven me

Today was Aimee's first visit to the vet to have her injections. She may well have had regular jabs in her previous home, but as we have no idea whether this was the case or when the booster might be due, the vet said it was OK to start from scratch with one shot today and the follow-up in 3 week's time.

Poor thing! Of course the last few times she was bundled into a basket and taken somewhere, it meant a total life change, not to mention the fact that she actually went to a new home on Christmas Eve, only to be rushed back on Christmas day because she kept jumping up on the work surfaces. (Though the cat isn't named in the post, I was told it was in fact Aimee.)

As a result, I suspect she was a bit anxious about the trip to the vet. He said she seemed stressed and her heart was going nineteen to the dozen, but who can blame her? Anyway, he checked her over and scanned her to check the microchip was OK, which it was. He said her weight was fine. She was a little bit on the skinny side when she arrived with us, but she's put on a bit of weight over the last couple of weeks. I think that she found the rescue centre stressful, but also her teeth are not good. :(

I'd noticed when she yawns that she has a lower canine missing, but the vet had a look today and she has a lot missing at the back, also gingivitis. So the poor thing will need a complete mouth overhaul and a course of antibiotics once she's had the next injection. This is the downside of taking on a rescue cat.

Still, it shouldn't be a big problem and she's eating both soft food and dried food OK. I'd noticed that she's a bit of a grazer, likes to snack through the day, so it's possible that in the rescue cattery her cage mates were scarfing all the food before she could get enough.

When we got home, she retreated to the top of the highest book case and sulked for a bit. But I am forgiven and after a while, she relented and came to snuggle in my lap again.

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