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A nice spring day

So far I've been reasonably productive. The ukulele arrived safely this morning (see icon!) and it's a dear little thing. So cute! It was even still in tune and I discovered that guitar playing skills are very much transferable to ukuleles. I can already strum a few chords, though when it comes to picking out tunes, my brain keeps thinking that the open string is D when in fact it's E. But this will come with practice. I have two books and CDs to work through, then I can explore the stuff on the Web.

After experimenting with the new toy, I was good and I swept and wiped the kitchen floor, vacuumed and dusted the hall and stairs, changed the rugs, washed the dirty rugs and put them out to dry. While I was doing this, I let Aimee out for her second serious exploration of the garden.

Here, a little belatedly, are some photos of her first expedition, which happened a few days ago.

Oooo! There's a big new world out here!

Aimee ventures out into the garden for the first time since coming to live with us.

Watch out little birdies, I'm a big scary predator!

Aimee looking determined, but then...

Eeek! Did I hear something behind me?

...she hears a noise behind her.

Little cat big world

Aimee ventures almost to the bottom of the garden.

Is it lunch time?

I think I've explored enough for today. Is it lunchtime yet?
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