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The ukulele is just a tiny guitar

Had a lightbulb moment today when I realised that the reason I'm getting on so fast with the ukulele is that is is just a tiny guitar with 2 strings missing. Thus some of the chords are identical (such as D on the guitar and G on the ukulele) and I just have to attach a second name to the finger pattern. As I've done this before with descant and treble recorder, it's not too hard to do.

Anyway... I had worked out a simple 3 chord accompaniment to Home on the Range (and old childhood favourite because of the TV cowboy series Range Rider[*]) and today I Googled for chords and added a few enhancements. I'm learning several new chords a day. (For at some value of "learn". I couldn't necessarily remember them without occasional reference to the book!) While I was at it, I found the lyrics and chords for Tiptoe Through the Tulips. I will be basing my rendition on this one, found by coneycat, and not on the Tiny Tim version.

It's not all that easy, however, and has lots of new chords, so it may take a little while to perform it fluently.

[*] Don't you just love a show with a cast list that goes:

Jock Mahoney ............... Range Rider
Dickie Jones ............... Dick West
Range Rider's Horse ........ Rawhide
Dick West's Horse .......... Lucky

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