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Signs of spring?

When I came upstairs to settle at the computer to work, I was amazed to see it was still only half past nine. Yet I had already done the usual morning routine of emptying dishwasher, having breakfast, feeding Aimee, dealing with her litter trays and cut down some pointy shrub shoots from around the base of the garden shed.

The reason for the sudden attack of gardening was that Aimee had leaped and scrambled onto the shed roof and I had realised, to my horror, that on the lower side, the shed was surrounded by what amounted to wooden spears! (We keep cutting these shrubby things down every year, but they're still fighting back.)

I was concerned that if she jumped down wrong, she could impale herself. It took far less time to deal with them than I thought and the shed looks neater without its fringe of sprouting stumps. Of course she disdained my efforts, and instead of slithering down carefully, she just leaped off the roof in one bound, clearing the shrubs by a mile, but I feel easier knowing they're gone.

It was a good reminder that the 15 minute method works really well for boring practical tasks. From now on, I must take advantage of the nice weather and do a few short sessions in the garden each day instead of my usual trick of leaving it until it's like a jungle and then having a humungous effort and exhausting myself.

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