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Photos for today

One of the Flickr groups I'm a member of is a photo-a-week project. As a spin-off, some of us are participating in enabling a small furry monkey toy to travel around the world. Chump the Minkie started in Venice, visited Holland and is now doing the UK. After starting in Hertfordshire, she then moved on to Cambridge and has now crossed the country to spend a few days with me. She arrived safely this morning.

She looks remarkably fresh and perky considering she's just travelled right across the UK.

Chump the Minkie arrives safely

While Chump stretches her legs after the long journey from Cambridge, Aimee tries out her travelling box for size. As you can see, Chump's appetite is fine and she's indulging in her favourite snack.

Chump & Aimee

After a very wet and windy morning, the weather brightened up enough to allow Chump and I to have a stroll around the garden.

Daffodils are the national symbol of Wales (along with leeks and dragons) so she thought she'd pose with our mini-daffs for a photo.

Chump enjoys a stroll in the garden
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