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Too many deadlines all at once

Too many deadlines. Aaaarrrgh! I'm feeling stressed. :(

I have, however, written my handout for this evening's class so I just need to throw together a lesson plan before having a shower and toddling over to the college to do my teaching stint for the day.

I have made progress with other stuff too. I've marked a couple more OU assignments and roughed out the design for the practical part of the assessment for the ICT module on the BA Education course. I am finally beginning to grasp CSS. But why did I say I'd to the presentation on Thursday? Oh, well, it will get it out of the way, but if I don't make serious inroads into the (virtual) heap of assignments, I will go bonkers because I feel like I've been marking them forever.

Oh, and how did a .docx file sneak through? I thought I was checking them as I downloaded them from the system. It's a bit too late to demand that she re-submits in the correct format, so I'll do the conversion and give her a little lecture in the feedback about reading the guidelines properly.

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