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Fun with CSS

Today I didn't go to my Welsh class, which was bad of me, but I have so many deadlines to meet this week that I decided that I couldn't afford to lose half a day. Instead, I have rested the writing/critiquing part of my brain by wresting with HTML and CSS. It was strangely refreshing.

I now have the bones of the ICT resource I am creating for part of the assessment for a module on the BA Education course, and I also have a firmer grasp on layout using CSS which means that I might actually get my own web site revamped before too long.

Now I just have to create a PowerPoint presentation explaining what the ICT resource is for and how I did it and why I chose to do it the way I did, and that's one of this week's tasks nailed.

Then tomorrow and Friday I can really have a good go at the marking.

The other reason for not going to Welsh was that the day before yesterday I was suffering from a vague grogginess and today I have a slightly scratchy throat. Am I about to go down with something, I wonder? Anyway, I thought that having a quiet but useful day would be better than getting tired and feeling worse, especially as the weather had turned raw and cold again.

In other news: I can now play accompaniment to the verses of Tiptoe Through the Tulips on the ukulele. I still haven't grasped the tune of the middle bit, the bridge. There are umpteen sites with the lyrics, chords and countless MP3s and Youtube videos, but no one seems to have put the music online and my usual supplier of sheet music doesn't have it. Ah, well. I will just have to persevere and learn it aurally from the video of Helen Shapiro's performance of the song. But it's not easy. She's singing in a different key so I can't play along and my aural skills are lousy. (I am a visual learner and thinker.) However, it should sink in eventually. I'm just being impatient and wanting to take short-cuts, as usual. :)

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