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I should have waited until this afternoon...

It's now sunny. Humph! And I got soaked coming back from town this morning.

I'd rushed in to catch a sunny interval because I wanted to photograph Chump the Minkie beside the Gorsedd stone circle on the town's playing fields. But the sunny interval had passed by the time I got into town, even though it's only just over 5 minutes walk. I got the photos though and, to be honest, the overcast sky is probably more typically Welsh than a blue sky and sunshine. :) By the time I'd done a few bits of shopping, including a pasty and some sausage rolls from the WI country market, it was tipping down with rain. Thankfully Chump was snug in the shopping bag, so she was none the worse for the downpour, unlike me who had to change into dry trousers!

If you're wondering who Chump the minkie is, she's a small plush monkey who is currently touring the world, being hosted by various members of a Flickr group I belong to. The idea is, people will keep her for a week or so and photograph her in various local beauty spots/interesting locations. Then she gets sent on to the next volunteer. She arrived with me earlier this week. It seems there are quite a number of soft toys who are seeing the world for free in this way. :)

Chump & Aimee

While Chump stretches her legs after her long journey from Cambridge, Aimee tries out her travelling box for size.
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