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A "Doh!" moment

Or should that be a "Dough!" moment?

I'm finding my breadmaker very useful. I had a mammoth To Do List to get through today (first day back in work after Christmas is tomorrow). So I was zooming round, doing laundry, popping the ingredients into the breadmaker then zooming off to do other stuff, happy in the knowledge that a delicious loaf would be baked for me automatically.

I undecorated the tree and sorted out a cupboard in the conservatory to the delicious smell of baking bread. Some time later, the breadmaker beeped. The loaf looked rather small, and when I took it out, it had the density of a neutron star. I stared at it perplexed. And then it dawned on me. I had completely forgotten to put the yeast in. Sigh...

And then I'd run out of flour, so couldn't put another loaf on until I'd been shopping. But another loaf is now underway and this time, I think I remembered to put everything in.

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